DEN isn’t a meditation app; it’s a family, a hub for all your wellness needs, and a breeding ground for inspiration. Investing in yourself is a lifelong journey, and we’re here to help. Come as you are… Leave feeling better.

Huntington Beach’s Original Crossfit Gym
Be part of a fitness community that’s passionate, determined, and supportive. Whether you’re here for a day or committed to years, we’ve got just what you need.

Golf instruction and training by PGA certified golf instructor. Lessons available for all aspects of the game, putting, chipping, small pitching, wedge play, full swing, course and game management.

Mobile Phlebotomy

Sober living with accountability for men recovering from addiction and alcoholism. Residents are required to be either in a recovery program from drugs and alcohol or have recently completed said program. Properties have conditional use permits with the city of Costa Mesa. Owner is hands on with 25 years of sobriety.

Volunteer Network OC is dedicated to serving people in need and the organizations providing shelter, food and clothing to those people. Volunteer Network OC also encourages volunteering through a free, use-friendly mobile app.

Women’s sober living

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As a psychotherapist, my aim is to help individuals improve their mental and emotional health by engaging in psychological processing. I incorporate several methodologies, including Psychodynamic, DBT, Mindfulness, and Yoga to promote healing.

We bring the AA Speaker to the mic and record their story of recovery, creating “Speaker Tapes” for this generation. is 12-step work, not for profit or recognition.

One-on-One Physical and Occupational Therapy for 60-minute treatment sessions.

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